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Topic subjectRE: Get yourself more aquianted with the matter...
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32047, RE: Get yourself more aquianted with the matter...
Posted by Jon, Tue Dec-06-05 12:07 PM
>before you get your boys back and maybe I won't even bring up
>your use of "you people".

you won't bring it up because it's pretty obvious to most people reading this that i was addressing the people on okayplayer who like to drag each other's name in the mud. had nothing to do with what you hoped i meant by "you people" and you know that's obvious

>Uh oh! Anyhow, I told him over and
>over again what I meant by my comment and he came at ME with
>profanities and called all sorts of things. So, I think you
>should look deeper into this before you sweat others for being
>a little upset at his definite bigotry. In fact, it white
>people like Bartek that make it hard for people of colour to
>trust white folks in general. Oh and read the convo if you
>care so much:

i read it, and let me remind you that i never said BarTek was right. my point was that dude is clearly extremely concerned and sensitive about issues like race (REGARDLESS of whether you think he should be or whatever, that's not any of our concern)...but to call dude a bigot because he overreacts to racial references? thats the type of shit that kills me, is that people take the imperfections IN SOMEONE'S GOOD CONCERNS and use it to label them a bigot. call him reactionary. call him a bull in a china shop lol. call him something related to flipping out over racial references. but that's not in any way, shape, or form even in the same realm of bigotry. if anything, its actually the opposite extreme.