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Topic subjectshit like this is honestly why white people shouldn't even
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32038, shit like this is honestly why white people shouldn't even
Posted by Jon, Mon Dec-05-05 12:53 PM
bother trying to navigate the mazes of race-related thought and discourse in america, because, unless your thought-process is utterly perfect in every facet to every person examining your mind and drawing big hard conclusions about you...you're just going to waste your time trying to build bridges to people who will then ridicule you for thinking you can even build bridges. you bigot.

so do i believe all of what i just said? not totally, but BarTek: stay pure of heart, stay caring about people, stay seeking knowledge and wisdom (even if you are one of us evil people who isn't ingeniously perfect upstairs), and stay far away from arguments with people who've already made their mind up about you, these topics, and what they believe. thank God for prayer.