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Topic subjectPoint of clarification about my southern white woman comment...
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32037, Point of clarification about my southern white woman comment...
Posted by Pinko_Panther, Mon Dec-05-05 08:53 AM
In the Lesson thread that I brought up, a poster named Brown Sugar (male) instigated an inflammatory exchange with Phonte of Little Brother. Phonte responded to BrownSugar using the terms "niglets, crackalets and spiclets", words that BrownSugar apparently took offense to. I stepped in and told BrownSugar to show a little respect to OkayArtists because he stepped in and starting talking shit to Phonte out of the blue and for no real reason. BrownSugar came at me and said he will show respect when Phonte stops saying disrespectful things like "niglet, cracklet and spiclet", as if he was a victim in this situation. Since Brownsugar instigated the contention, I compared Brownsugars behaviour to a white woman down south who would invite coloured folks over for sex and later cry rape. I was trying to illustrate how ridiculous it is for someone to engage someone in a hostile manner and then act like he was the overall victim of the attack. Its called hyperbole, and I don't think it was a malicious statement towards white people or me "taking the victim stance of a black man" (in Bartek's words. It was an exaggerated analogy to make a point about one poster's behaviour in that particular exchange (for the record, the poster I said this to is not black).