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Topic subjectObviously, you are not aware that I am done with addressing you
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32031, Obviously, you are not aware that I am done with addressing you
Posted by Pinko_Panther, Sun Dec-04-05 11:57 PM
directly. You refuse to understand where I am coming from, you insist on believing that I slander all white people at any chance I get even though you know this is false. All comments that I have made about white people on this site, which I can count on my hand have been references to specific acts, historical and present, associated with whiteness. Then you go on to offend me by just breathing, thus my focus is on discussing this with others. You have already failed to prove yourself as someone who wants to discuss matters like a fellow human being.

In fact, a month ago, the last time things came to a boil between you and me, I inboxed you and thought I would take this matter out with you personally. You never reponded. Its very clear whose transparency is showing here.