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Posted by BarTek, Mon Dec-05-05 01:21 AM
>> Truly, I know what I am and what I stand for. I have
>>provided with several gifts, including my skin colour which
>>will use to aid me.
>I'm sorry about chimin in here. But, I just wanted to point
>out your word choice. Whether conscious or sub-conscious, you
>say skin color's a "gift." This presupposes there's a gifter,
>and a gifted. I respect all your input, of course. I just
>wanted to directly bring your eyes back around to what you
>said: you've been gifted this "white, priviledged skin
>color." Sorry, but that there reminds me of proselytizing
>"europeans" spreading their "gifts" of industry, religion,
>etc. through parts of Africa and Americas and Asia.

My word choice was thought out and conscious. The only gifter that I pressupose is life, my parents, and my heritage. I have come across many black folks that refer to their black skin as beautiful. I think that is a beautiful thing, and it taught me to love my own skin colour, because, for a very long time, I couldn't stand the sight of it, directly because of the proselytizing "europeans" and their "gifts". I just want to make it clear that I was not talking about imposing my gift on anyone. I plan to use it as a weapon, that is why I love it. I said, that our world is unfair, but if I can use something that is not fair, to try to tip the balance. I certainly will.


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