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Topic subjectRE: your own words, once again.
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32021, RE: your own words, once again.
Posted by BarTek, Wed Dec-07-05 09:26 PM
>>I don't ask white folks to reject their
>>white privelege, I ask them to use it to fight against
>>oppressive forces.
>ergo, you're fundamentally uninterested in challenging white
>supremacy itself. which is why you are a liberal racist.

In your definition, what is "white supremacy??

>>son. Shrug... you cannot ask white people to get rid of
>>white privelege, you can only ask enlightened white folks to
>>try to educate other white folks about the reality of white
>>privelege. Asking a white person to rid themselves of white
>>privelege, is for a white person, to lock themselves at
>>skin themselves, and do nothing except sit at home. That is
>>impossible. Simply having white skin entitles white people
>>more than you are entitled to. What do you expect white
>>to do and say?
>LOL. so basically, rejecting white privilege causes an
>existential crisis for white people? guess what? DEAL WITH IT.
>don't try to justify holding on to white privilege because you
>feel that its absence will leave you w/o identity and/or

Lol, did I say anything about identity or purpose. I asked you for clear examples on how to reject white privelege. Please tell me...

>>"No, I don't want this job because my skin is white, sorry,
>>give the job to a black man..."
>>"Excuse me officer, you don't know, but I have a weapon on
>>I look harmless and just like any other white citizen, but I
>>am dangerous and could hurt someone."
>>Does that seem logical to you?
>no, that seems like some paternalistic bullshit that racists
>think: that black people want white people to give up their
>jobs for us based on our skin color.

Once again, anything I say at this point, will be easier for you to label as racist, because, you simply do not understand white privelege or white supremacy. I made a clear example, about something that many black folks told me they are angry about, and I put it into a real context. Please, once again tell me, how do I reject my white privelege?

>>I would be interested to hear, a practical way for me to
>>using my white privelege. It is not white privelege that is
>>the problem, it is how it is used. Some people use white
>>privelege, to inflict harm on others. Some use it to gain
>>authority and control. However, there are those, and I have
>>met hundred's of them, that use it to fight racism,
>>oppression, inequality. It is our skin. You will never be
>>to have us reject it, as white people failed to influence
>>black folks reject theirs. Did you simply accept that you
>>1 5th of human beings? ofcourse not, that would be to reject
>>your humanity, your very biological make up. How do you
>>anyone else in this world to do that? It is not logical, and
>>is much more philosophical and impractical than what I am
>your skin != your humanity. that's racist in and of itself.

Wrong. I said, that when black folks were labeled as 1 5th of human beings, to accept it would be to reject their humanity.


I did not say, that it would be to reject their skin colour. Once again, it is easier for you to nitpick and label me, than it is to answer the greater context of my argument. Long story short, you have nothing positive or valuable to add to this conversation.


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