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Topic subjectRE: see -- this is problematic.
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32018, RE: see -- this is problematic.
Posted by chillsm00th, Sun Dec-04-05 04:12 PM
>In order to beat the wolf, you have to become the wolf. I
>firmly believe in that, and my claws are sharp. As I said, all
>you need to know is that I fight on your side. My method, is
>specific to me, because I am a white man, and your method, is
>specific to you, becuase you are a black man. You can stand up
>in front of a group of black people. I can stand up in front
>of a group of white people. Each of us can deliver the same
>message. Each of us is doing our part. Can you honestly refute

I can definitely disagree with the notion that in order to beat the wolf, you must become the wolf. After all, once you beat the other wolf, all you have left are....wolves. Which you were trying to defeat in the first place. Only now the wolves are supposed to be "friendly"? I hope you can understand why NO person of color could EVER take that stance seriously.

With regards to the other -- certainly, you can speak to a white audience. But the whole point of anti-racist white people talking to white audiences is to get those white folks to understand and REJECT white privilege -- and you've explicitly stated that you will embrace and "use" white privilege. So what's the point of your speaking to a white audience? Your very philosophical position reinforces their worldviews.