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Topic subjectThis sounds very familiar
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32002, This sounds very familiar
Posted by Nettrice, Tue Dec-06-05 10:04 AM
"Manson had come to believe that Armageddon was imminent, in the form of race war, and believed he was destined to be the ultimate beneficiary of it. Manson viewed race war as imminent, describing it as Helter Skelter, "all the wars that have ever been fought, piled on top of each other." He told his followers that this was imminent, but that there was a secret underground world reached by a hole underneath the desert, where they would wait out the war in bliss. He described this many times, and it was a part of their communal belief, so much so that they stocked up supplies and searched for the hole prior to the crimes. Blacks would win the war, but be unable to run the world through lack of experience, and the Family would therefore emerge and run it for them as a benevolent autocracy with Manson at the head of this new world order. The war would be triggered by "some black people coming out of the ghetto and doing atrocious crimes... killings... writing things in blood." However, by summer 1969, Manson was heard to say that blacks did not know how to start its role in this war, so he would have to show them." - http://www.religioustolerance.org/dc_charl.htm

Compare that to this:

>Only white folks can dismantle white supremacy. We know how it
>works, we know how it operates, and we know how to use it.
>Black folks, lack the experience, so any information they
>provide on white supremacy will not be objective truth,
>becuase, black folks will always be the victim. Do you
>If you really want to help, you cannot abandon everything and
>say, "Okay black folks, you guys can govern us now. It's your
>turn!" You and I know, that this is 2005, and that will simply
>not happen, and that is what you are suggesting. Sheer

I have nothing else to say.