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Topic subjectRE: So the English weren't colonialists?
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32000, RE: So the English weren't colonialists?
Posted by BarTek, Tue Dec-06-05 03:27 AM
>Cop out isn't a label.

You labeled me with response no.13. I am here to tell you, that you are mistaken.

You asked about a book and I took the
>time to tell you about it. That was all it was. Then you
>respond with something silly. Of course Englishmen and other
>European countries were colonialist! Of course Western
>civilization is responsible for slavery and oppression of
>non-white people (and some white people)! Duh! :D

"Englishmen and other European countries", another generalization and sweeping statement. Do you know which European country I am from? Once again, you see my white skin, and you define me with a sweeping statement.

If I had a nickle for everytime a black person was offended by generalizations of the same type.

>I think you know that you have a colonialist p.o.v. because
>you recognize how you benefit from white privilege.

Please read reply no. 27, and tell me if that is a colonialist p.o.v...

Furthermore, Ofcourse I recognize how I benefit from white privelege! I would have to be born blind and deaf in order to be ignorant of it! You don't realize that you make very sweeping statements, such as the one above. So what! I realize how I benefit from my white privelege. What exactly does that prove in your opinion? How does it automatically give me a colonialist p.o.v?

>>You form absolute opinions based on the research you have
>>and use it to judge people... In my opinion, that is
>>bigotry. All you see is my white skin, and you automatically
>>think you can apply your "evidence" to it... As long as we
>>free to label eachother right?
>Incorrect. I do not see your white skin and I am basing my
>responses on your own words, not how white you are. I assume
>nothing about you on an online board. You wrote that you've
>been gifted this "white, priviledged skin color."

Right. It is a gift, because, it allows me to walk through doors that black folks have to fight their way through. How many times have I already said that? Also, do you know how I use my white privelege? Once again, read reply no. 27... I am not looking for a pass from you, I do not care what you think! I simply ask you to look at me with a fresh pair of eyes.

The difference lies in how the tool (White Privelege) is used. For example, one man's poison, is another man's medicine. Simply put, a liberal racist/colonialist will use his white privelege to maintain authority over people of colour. He will suppress, and oppress any type of societal growth that you can think of (economical, psychological, industrial, etc.) He will use his white privelege in order to label the man of colour, as a subordinate and deserving of oppression.

Now, a true revolutionary, will use the same white privelege to rise in the system. Reap the benefit of being "invisible", so that he can take the system down from within. Note, this revolutionary did not instill "White Privelege", he is jailed by it, just as much as you are. He does not want it, he does not want to use it to oppress people of colour. He is bound by it, simply by his white skin, simply by his birth. I used to look at my white skin with disgust, just as some people of colour were ashamed of their own skin.

>One of the symptoms of liberal racism/colonialism is
>avoidance. You said something that offended some people of

What did I avoid? Look, this is a post about how racist I am. Am I avoiding it? No. I said something that offended ONE person of colour, who then used his ignorance as a tool to generate public hate for me. Lol! I mean, the irony of his bigotry makes me laugh! I wonder where he learned such dirty and foul tricks!

Rather than respect their differences you attack and
>then avoid your initial response.

Tell me how I disrespected his differences, and please tell me where I avoided "your initial response". I do not even know what you mean by that, so if you could please make that clear for me. I simply called him out on his ignorance, that is the very source and essence of bigotry. There was no justification in his comment, but he chose to sweep the entire white race with a large stroke. Just as you have done. You don't even know which country I was born in, and you generalize me with "and other European countries" Ha! Let me ask you something, have you ever heard a white man say...

"and other African countries..."

How does that make you feel?

And no, I am not English.

Liberal colonialists deny
>holding a racist belief and even consciously reject the racist
>belief, but unconsciously still act in ways that show they
>still have the belief.

Your began our exchange by labeling me with reponse no. 13. You continued to label me with your generalization:

"Englishmen and other European countries"

You set the tone for this "proof" that you speak of. You set yourself up to be "Correct" based on the sweeping statements you used as the catalyst to your argument. Your grouped me with all the Englishment and "Other European countires" without having a source of fact about my roots. Your only "proof" was my skin colour because you know nothing about my roots!

Furthemore, you continue to define me as a Liberal Colonialist based on how I've spoken in this post. If you give this thread a proper read, you will find many contradictions and faults with your argument and definition of me.

Also, please provide me with examples of how I unconsciously acted in racist ways. Knowing now, that your sweeping statements take no root with me. Knowing now, that your evidence does not apply to me, because your evidence is vague, and sweeping. Please provide me with CLEAR examples and CLEAR references.

Your reactions and responses on this
>subject are proof of this.

Your reactions and responses on this subject, and of me, are the essence of blindness. You do not know as much as you think about this world and it's people. You do not know as much as you think about Europeans. There is something special and loving that extends beyond your very absolute and limited approach to the problem.

>BTW - Check out #44

I will.


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