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31998, RE: Cop out
Posted by BarTek, Tue Dec-06-05 12:40 AM
Ha, you label me, and expect me to accept it. Interesting...

"The position of many liberals in the United States is similar to that of the leftist colonialists...

How can I respond to that? I am not a liberal living in the United States... I am not a leftist colonialist, and you think me a cop out? because I refuse to accept your labels? You see, in order for me to speak about Liberals in the United States, I would certainly have to be one, or at least have some experience with them... your feeble attempts to define me are sheer ignorance and always fall short... I usually just laugh at them and stay clear of your "evidence", your information does not even apply to me... That is why I asked... "How are you so certain?"

I bit my tounge, and that is why I used an Edit and asked you to present your information first, I wanted to be sure, and I wanted to see some of this grand truth that you have found to judge me in such an absolute way.

As I suspected, your evidence missed the mark...


You are very absolute in your judgements. Example:


*Insert subjective thought as evidence...*

In your mind, the case is then closed... I find that to be sheer and silly ignorance.

You always fall back on material you have read... you present it as fact... you believe that all the evidence that you agree with, is the truth... which is interesting, but simply opinion... you do realize that books only contain opinions, don't you?

You form absolute opinions based on the research you have done and use it to judge people... In my opinion, that is ignorant bigotry. All you see is my white skin, and you automatically think you can apply your "evidence" to it... As long as we are free to label eachother right?

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