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Topic subjectOf course I'm trying to get support, how dense must you be?
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31976, Of course I'm trying to get support, how dense must you be?
Posted by Pinko_Panther, Sun Dec-04-05 12:35 PM
This is why I don't address you much anymore. You consistently point out the obvious just to be contradictory rather than come and sincerely explore the issue

With that said, yes, I posted this to garner support. Does that make it a "stunt"? If you think so, then you watch far to much television when you reduce attempts at garnering solidarity to a self-serving stunt. Actually, I felt that my confrontation with Fucktek highlighted several important issues about deluded white people who think they are doing issues of race a great service when, in fact, they are behaving in bigotted manner in the process. Its sad, because I actually liked the guy until he went all Jim Crow (oh no, not another black struggle reference against white racism!!! GASP!) on my right to voice my angst. But, of course moot, you probably couldn't care less. Okay, very well, its a "stunt".