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Topic subjectRE: today is the last day
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31962, RE: today is the last day
Posted by ya Setshego, Wed Dec-21-05 11:11 AM
I'm kind of used 2 going 4 the raw now though. Like, @ our holiday breakfast this morn., I just ate fruit, no bagels. That was a step in the right direction 4 me. Now next week, I already know I'll b eating cooked food @ the holiday luncheon, b/c we're going 2 Double T Diner, which has the homemade mashed potatoes w/o butter & margarine, that I love. I'm cool though. I have collected the recipes I've shared w/ U all, and plan on experimenting, just like some of U said U would. I'm grateful that some of U out there R interested in being a part of the Raw Foods movement, even if on a trial or part-time basis. It's also commendable 2 see people take + steps towards their health.