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Posted by ya Setshego, Thu Dec-15-05 01:07 PM
Recipe from vegsoul@yahoogroups.com:

Organic Live Pasta with ChiSensational Sauce (Created by Harold Goodridge)

Live Pasta
2 large Zucchini
2 large Yellow Squash
ChiSensational Sauce

Process zucchini and squash with a Saladacco (Spiral Slicer). In a bowl place the live pasta in a bowl and add three cups of ChiSensational Sauce and mix until well blended. Cover the bowl and marinate the mixture for five minutes before serving. Serves 5 to 6.

ChiSensational Sauce (Makes 5 Cups)
1 cup Raw tahini
1 cup extra virgin olive oil
1/2 cup fresh basil leaves chopped
2 tablespoons fresh rosemary leaves chopped
1 teaspoon Herbmere Seasoning
1 cup pinenuts (soak in fresh water for 20 minutes)
3 tablespoons coconut oil
2 tablespoons miso
Juice from one lemon
1 cup spring water

Place the drained soaked pinenuts in the food processor. Process the pinenuts until finely grounded. Add the chopped basil leaves and rosemary leaves, Herbmere seasoning, olive oil, tahini, coconut oil, miso, lemon juice, and water. Process until well blended.

Notes from last night's sprouting class w/ Adam Kandel

His company: B-More Sprouting
Live & Local Organic Sprouts
Free Delivery in the Balt. area

He became interested in the sprouting business through reading the manual from the Hippocrates Institute in FL, which is an alternative healing institute Skai's mother attended when she was dying of cancer. They promote sprouting, as the key 2 health.
Alkaline: Sprouting is a way 2 pump alkalinity in2 the body 2 counteract the acidity. Dis-ease cannot survive in an alkaline, highly oxygenated environment, which is why/how Lance Armstrong was able 2 beat his cancer.
Raw greens & lemons R powerful alkaline foods.
Meats R highly acidic. All cooked foods have a level of acidity 2 them.
RECOMMENDED BOOK: The Sprouting Book-Anne Wigemore(the same 1 Aris mentioned as 1 of his major influences @ VegSoul)
Sprouting has ancient origins. Captain Hook used sprouting as a healing method 2 counteract scurvy, when men of other ships were dying in droves from the disease, his men had a high survival rate during the epidemic.
Can b done anytime of the year. Inside or outside.
Can sprout nuts, seeds, & grains.
Lentil sprouts R as rich in protein as meat. 6 cups of lentil sprouts=the TOTAL amt. of protein needed in 1 day.
Refrigerate sprouts AFTER they have fully sprouted.
Bigger nuts & beans have an 8-12 hr. soak-time.
Alfalfa seeds should soak 4 4-hrs.
Enzyme inhibitors R released during sprouting, bringing it 2 life, activating the enzymes in the food, that work towards cell growth & regeneration in the body.
24-hrs.: The time 1 should Leave the top off a jug or canister of tap H20 2 give it time 2 burn off the chlorine, b-4 using it in sprouting, drinking, etc. All tap H20 contains chlorine.
Fill a preserves jar 2X as full as the amt. of sprouts placed in it. Let the sprouts soak. Dump off sprout H20, & fill jar again. Put on a wooden rack(from Ikea) + use Ball-wide mouth jars from the supermarket.
Alfalfa & red clover need 2 have the hull removed b/c it becomes contaminated from bacteria, & can go bad.
Get organic seeds from the health food store. Bean sprouts get bitter after 2-3 days.
Wheat berry seeds grow in2 wheatgrass, which can be juiced for "shots".
Mungbean sprouts can be grown using an automatic sprouter, which gives them bulk, and length.
Put a screen(mesh) over the mouth of the jar, and shake the hulls out. Scoop hulls off, which cannot be shaken loose.
Can fill in bowl or bucket to separate from hull.
Get sprouts as green as possible b4 eating.
Soak sunflower seeds 4 6-hrs.
Get carbohydrates of grain in raw form + protein, through sprouting.
Mung bean & adzuki beans req. pressure, so use an automatic sprouter 4 them($40-80 from FreshLife<on-line>)
Store unsprouted seeds & nuts in a dry, dark place, so there's no activation @ all.
Sunflower sprouts R yellow & black, b4 turning completely green.
MORE RECOMMENDED BOOKS: Hippocrates Health Manual-Bryan Clemente
The Sprout Garden-Mark Braunstein
Sprouts: The Miracle Food-The Complete Guide To Sprouting-Steve Merkowitz
The Joy of Living Live(2005)-Zakhah<available through Everlasting Life>
Raw Food Made Easy-Jennifer Cornbleet
hydroponics-The cultivation of plants in water containing dissolved nutrients
Sprouts can b grown hydroponically, or in soil.
Provide no direct sunlight 2 them.
U can obtain organic seeds from Meyer's Seed Co.
Go 2 Home Depot 4 top soil.
Add in kelp meal(ground up kelp, w/ the salt removed, which is bad 4 sprout growth). Use liquid seaweed fertilizer. These all create a strong & healthy sprout.
WEBSITES: www.sunorganicfarms.com
Cover sunflower seeds w/ another tray 2 simulate the darkness of underground.
If U don't have a juicer as yet, get a GreenStar, or Omega Juicer, b/c they have a sprouting fxn. on them.
****Young thai coconuts R available from the Asian International Market on Route 40(BALT), or 300 Morse ST, NE D.C.(hrs. M-S 4A.-3P.)