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Topic subjectRE: DAY 13 Dec. 12th
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31954, RE: DAY 13 Dec. 12th
Posted by ya Setshego, Mon Dec-12-05 11:19 AM
2DAY I'm pretty hungry. I attended a raw potluck last night, where I had, mango pudding, cilantro dip, squash soup, the sea collards I made(which were pretty good, if I do say so myself), purple cabbage, whitish/yellow sweet potato chips, mango, and pineapple-coconut smoothie. After all that food too, we all agreed that we still hungry. x( I fessed up that I intended to swing by One World 4 some chili afterwards, only 4 them 2 break it 2 me that they CLOSE @ 5:30p.m. on Sundays! DRAT! Only 9 more days 2 go. I priced Champion juicers, btw. They run around $200 here.