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Posted by ya Setshego, Sun Dec-11-05 05:37 PM
Peace and Love!

Skai here!

How is everyone doing? This Raw Challenge is really getting easier for me. It is getting effortless to eat this way. I feel good and energized. However, some nights I collapse as soon as I get home for a few hours and then wake up late night. This past week, was fantastic!

On Wednesday, Dr Ian Noel spoke to the group (30 attended) about Health and healing. Everyone loved him and we are planning to bring him back to The Yabba Pot to speak again in the near future. For those of you interested in contacting him or making an appointment, please call Universal Healing Services at 410-566-5692.

On Friday, seven of us went to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. It was great! And it really wasnt a challenge at all. I think the servers were challenged more than we were. We had the Thai Lettuce Wraps...minus the Chicken, the noodles, etc. And the Bruschetta minus the bread, add romaine leaves. The presentation at the Cheesecake Factory is absolutely fantastic! They are so dramatic and their portions are ridiculous. For the entree, we all had a variation of the Luau Salad, but we all added extra things like sundried tomatoes, avocados, pine nuts, etc. And most of us had the Peanut Thai dressing. The conversation was interesting, the company was great, it was a nice time! We missed you! Kelly can you email me the pictures so I can post them!

Saturday, Just two of us showed up at Sankofa for the Body Movement class with Baba Kauna. I felt great afterward!

This week:

Monday, Dec 12th, 7 pm – The Yabba Pot DownTown – 771 Washington Blvd - $10

REFLECTIONS: We are half way there!

* Raw Food UnCooking with Skai - The Vegan Diva!

* Weigh-in

* Info on Joining The Village: A Natural Food Co-Operative…And More!

Wednesday, Dec 14th, 6pm - The Yabba Pot - 771 Washinton Blvd - $5


* Learn how to create Indoor winter sprouting garden with ADAM KANDEL

* Adam will be bringing some live! Sprouts to sell

Friday, Dec 16th, 7 pm – The Yabba Pot DownTown- $5 or bring produce to juice


Come on yall, let juice and dance the night away! Bring some produce to juice. We may need some volunteers to bring their juicers, so we can have enough! Also, bring a musical instrument resembling the drum and we can make some rhythm!


Sunday, Dec 18th, 7 AM –Leakin Park


Led by Baba Kauna of Sankofa Dance Theater

Wednesday, Dec 21st, Winter Solstice - 6pm - The Yabba Pot - 771 Washington Blvd - $15


* Grand Raw Dinner @ The Yabba Pot.

* Weigh-in