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Posted by ya Setshego, Thu Dec-08-05 01:52 PM
I'm loving this quote from a fellow faster on rawsoul@yahoogroups.com:

"I am God of this." Meaning, whether it goes well, or poorly, is up 2 her. If she cheats, R sticks w/ the whole thing, is up 2 her. SHE has the power, 2 make, or break, her own self. WOW.

Anyhow, here R my notes from the lecture w/ Dr. Ian Noel, Naturopath, who addressed the Yabbafasters last night @ YabbaII:

His office is @ 208 Pulaski, in Baltimore. His phone # is: 410-566-5692. His waiting list is 2 mos. long. His caveat: Don't come 2 me, if U aren't prepared 2 make the dietary changes that I'll recommend 4 whatever your ailment is. That's a waste of time, & I don't need your money THAT badly, 2 take it, 4 nothing.


Raw food living is the original diet of human beings.
If we want 2 restore the body back 2 its original state, b-4 dis-ease, we need 2 change our thinking about food.
Use cayenne, and ginger 4 warming when doing Live foods in the winter.
Seaweed raises the sodium levels in the body, so 1 does not become dehydrated in the summer.
Plants draw nitrates and other life-giving nutrients from the earth, in their natural form. Phytochemicals are found in plants. Enzymes in live foods help rejuvenate unhealthy tissue. food is supposed 2 do 4 things 4 U, & if ANYTHING U ingest does not do this, it does NOT qualify as food: 1. Repair cells
2. Heal
3. Maintain vital processes(such as cooling an overheated body)
4. provide fuel(Energy) & promote Growth

Hot flashes in women can b counteracted by eating plums, an estradiol plant that cools down estrogen.
Hypoglycemics should not eat lots of cucumbers b/c they lower the glucose level even more, which will make the person more irritable.
Food should B the foundation 4 health.
Plants were designed 2 help 1 achieve the highest level of vibration, & achievment in Life.
FAster healing occurs w/ the more Live foods 1 eats, b/c the Live enzymes R available 4 rejuvenation, & the cooked, dead food is not present 2 impede healing, or even cause dis-ease. The body rejuvenates @ a higher healing cycle.
When hamper the body w/ something that degenerates the body, it reaches a pt. where it is so broken down, that 1 needs drastic measures 2 heal, or even survive, e.g. surgery.
Bananas R very moistening 4 "dry" people.
Spinach is good 4 constipation.
Ginger, & peppermint R good 2 stimulate the Chi, which 1 wants during the cold mos. b/c it helps 1 feel warm.
In Ayurveda identify the body according 2 the Doshas.
High Blood Pressure people should not eat foods that are high in sodium, such as tomatoes, and should eat foods that lower blood pressure, like garlic.
Drink more water, this helps 2 dilute the toxins as they R being flushed out during Live fast.


Chinese system-
Yin: This person has a slow metabolism, exercises every now & again, is more relaxed.
Yang:This person is very wiry, lean, has fast metabolism & is hyperactive. They should NOT eat spicy foods.

Then there is the in between person, who leans slightly more towards the yang end of the spectrum.

Ayurvedic system- Yang=Vata: Needs little sleep.
Pita=In bet., closer 2 vata, but R really in bet.
Yin=Kaffa: Prone 2 exercise; needs more sleep.

Salty-Water kidney, bladder, bones, short term memory
Sweet-Earth stomach, spleen, pancreas, Muscle tissue, sense of taste(tongue)
Bitter-Fire heart, small intestines, mouth(speech), blood vessels
Pungent-Metal lungs, colon, skin tissue, sense of smell(nose)
sour- Wood Liver & gall bladder, eyes and ligaments

Dis-ease manifests in the organs where there is a weakness of a certain element, so should eat foods from that corresponding grp.

Lower back is controlled by the kidneys, which also control short term memory. Do balance of salty foods 2 improve probs. w/ these areas. Identify the parent element of (Water)salty foods, if have high blood pressure also, which means should not eat salty foods, which is Pungent foods, like garlic, which also balances blood pressure.
When understand that the body needs 5 flavors of raw foods, will do the investigation 2 figure what creative combinations 1 can create 2 achieve this variety, which promotes health.
The immune system is ALWAYS @ wrk. 2 restore the body 2 perfect health.
So even if the body is already sick & broken down, Live Foods can help improve health. 1 who is on a lot of meds. needs 2 detox from the toxins caused by the drugs in the body 1st.
***GET "energetics of food" chart (which hangs in his ofc.) from www.redwingbooks.com
***Also GET the book, "healing w/ Whole Foods"-Paul Pitchford, from amazon.com , which is the Bible of Foods, basically
Eat Warming foods in winter, cooling foods in the summer. eat warming, fattier foods during the
winter(cayenne, garlic, ginger, avocado, nuts, winter
squash), which is a period of natural hibernation and
rest for organisms, and 2 eat lighter foods w/ more
H20 in them during the summer(seaweed, kale, all the
"greens", coconut). He said 2 eat the stuff that's in
season, when it's in season, as God intended. That's a
hint from Nature on what 2 eat, and when, in order 2
get one's body in sync w/ the natural biorhythms of
the Earth.
There R 5 seasons, fall, winter, spring, summer, and the transitioning pds. bet each season, which the whites ignorantly called "Indian Summer" in late August-to-early-Sept., 2 indicate that the weather is changing back-and-forth, like the so-called Indians, whom they think gave them something, only 2 change their minds about it, and try 2 take it back(that is also where the term "Indian-giver" comes from, which is Y I try not 2 say that anymore).These transition pds. which encompass the equinoxes & the solstices, R called 'doyu', and controls the stomach & the spleen(***this is consistent w/ your Ausar-Auset notes, DRE).
Fire corresponds 2 summer
Eat according 2 the seasons.
During the spring, stretch your ligaments. Get up AND MOVE.
In the winter, SLEEP. Go 2 bed early. Keep still. & quiet. Conserve your energy 4 the summer & spring, when U can get out & burn it.
During the winter, do weight training also, 2 replenish calcium in the bones.
Eat Green leafy veggies & more fruit in the summer.
In the fall, eat more beans, 2 pack in more nutrients. As become raw, the body becomes in tune w/ the biorhythms of the Universe, so will WANT 2 sleep earlier in the winter, and optimally, 1 should go 2 bed @ dusk, if your Lifestyle will allow it. This will improve health, and help the body obtain the amount of rest it TRULY needs 4 the cold mos.
Examine your environment. Using cleaning chemicals on your floor migh t be causing allergies, b/c the fumes are swept up by the heat coming out of the vents, and bathing you as you move through your house, and U inhale them. They might prove detrimental 2 your health.
Do thorough, independent investigation about raw foodism b-4 embarking upon it as a short-term, or long-term regimen, b/c 1 could damage oneself if not employing proper food combining, and eating the right foods Live, that fit your body type.