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Topic subjectThis is the 1st X Sis/Bro
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31942, This is the 1st X Sis/Bro
Posted by ya Setshego, Thu Dec-08-05 12:47 PM
It's a revolution in the making. It took Blackfolk approximately 30 years 2 'get enlightened', and on the band-wagon w/ whitefolks(not EVERY single thing they do is bad) of Raw foodism. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad is largely responsible, b/c it is he who prompted Blackfolk 2 start thinking about revolution through diet w/ "Eat To Live". If U feel it's too late 2 join in, please know this is not the case. We had 2 people who met w/ the group 4 the 1st X last night, and plan on doing it 4 the remaining 2 weeks. There R even people involved, who know absolutely nothing about vegetarianism, & kind of stumbled in2 this thing, some kind of way, & decided 2 stick w/ it. that is just amazing 2 me. So, feel free 2 get in, where U fit in. U can just do what U can, where U R, if U aren't in the DC/MD/VA area, & can't physically come out 2 the meetings. I'll keep the OKplayers updated thru this post.