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Topic subjectRE: Dec. 7th, Day 8
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31940, RE: Dec. 7th, Day 8
Posted by ya Setshego, Wed Dec-07-05 12:44 PM
Siiiiigh. I can't believe there's TWO MORE WEEKS OF THIS. I'm poppin' Vit. C like they're 'uppers', tryin' 2 ward off this cold that's started, and eating oranges like I've not eaten in a week(which 4 the most part, I haven't). I need 2 B making about 15 more a year 2 COMFORTABLY afford this diet. I paid $12 for NamaShoyu @ Roots Organic Market, so I can make Lynda Carter's sea collards. $12! It's soy sauce, People! I'm losing weight, cuz of poop coming out, w/o anything coming back in2 replace it(which is ALWAYS a good thing). I am DEFINITELY feeling the effects of how cooked food is addictive right about now. I'm actually experiencing w/drawal symptoms(irritability, cramps, pimples, weakness & this cold). On rawsoul@yahoogroups.com, they said that some people lose nerve & actually go back 2 cooked food @ this point, b/c just like when U R a drug addict, going thru w/drawal, U feel "better" if U get your hands on some drugs during the period, which is like the storm preceding the sea of calm.