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Topic subjectRE: Live Workshop in Philly
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31939, RE: Live Workshop in Philly
Posted by ya Setshego, Tue Dec-06-05 12:52 PM
I wish I could afford 2 attend this. It's going 2 b awesome. I had this Sistah's food this past Saturday, & she is nuttin' 2 f*** wit' in the kitchen. Her Live Pizzas alone cost $50. She is a nurse, who cured herself of diabetes through Live Foodism:

Let's Get Together
Alive and Raw
Certification Workshop
In : Philadelphia
Saturday and Sunday
December 10 th & 11th
11:00 AM till 6:00 PM
Breakfast- Lunch & Dinner
will be served Both Days
This workshop will cover all the areas of live food preparation
from basic food prep to Gourmet and Sprouting
We will prepare :
Nut & Seed Milks
Eat Loaf
Cream Cheese
Sweet Potatoes
Ice Cream
This workshop comes complete with a Workbook
full of recipes and tips
Cost : $200.00 if you register before 12/ 6/05
$250.00 at the door
Contact Ace at 804-863-0635
or aliveandraw@aol.com
This class will never be held at this price Again
The cost of organic foods has risen therefore the cost of our workshop will increase