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Topic subjectDays 4-6, 12/3-5/05
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31937, Days 4-6, 12/3-5/05
Posted by ya Setshego, Mon Dec-05-05 11:19 AM
This week-end was pretty interesting. They said we should journal our dreams, so I guess I'll share mine here: Saturday I dreamt I was back in Jamaica again. It was the last day, and I was playing w/ a beach ball, which I inadvertantly tossed over a hill. I ran over the hill 2 get the ball, only 2 discover that the ocean was RIGHT THERE, as the tide had come in, STRONG. I was trying 2 fish 4 the ball w/o getting in the water, since I did not know how deep it was, & finally got it. The driver was waiting 2 take me back 2 the resort, and I was holding up a busload of people trying 2 get this ball. It took a long time 2 get back 2 the resort, b/c of traffic, and some kind of bridge that raises(I forget what they are called), 2 allow sailboats through. Time was wearing on, & I was not dressed 4 the airport. It seemed that I was sure 2 miss my flight. Then I woke up.

I attended a WPFW fund-raiser, w/ 'Cheffie D', who assisted Aris LaTham @ VegSoul. He did food demonstrations, and offerred a 7-8 course meal of mostly live foods. I broke down @ ate the squash soup & pie(both cooked), but the rest of the cooked plate I left alone. I also resisted a cup of split pea soup @ Roots Organic market yesterday, which was SERIOUSLY calling my name. I'm coming down w/ a cold, and feeling crampy, but supposedly, that's all apart of the cleansing process.

2day I will eat raw snacks I purchased from Roots, and a big salad. I'm getting my sugar fix from root beer & ginger beer, made w/ cane juice. I miss my Lipton sweet tea, and Blow Pops, but I am dealing w/ it.