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Topic subjectDAY 1, 11/30/05
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31932, DAY 1, 11/30/05
Posted by ya Setshego, Thu Dec-01-05 11:05 AM
We met @ Yabba 2 last night. Fifty-nine people from DC & MD signed up 2 participate. I was hoping that a few of U VegSoul posters would get in on this as well, since U R trying 2 transition 2 LiveFoodism anyway. This would be a good way 2 prepare 4 a transition 2 vegetarianism, AND Raw Foodism.
We R supposed 2 journal everyday, so I'm just going 2 write mine in here. Each daily entry should consist of the following:
1. What did I eat?
2. How did I feel?
3. What did my stool look like? (Floating stool is healthy. Stool that drops 2 the base of the toilet is toxic.<I knew I was in big trouble right THEN>)
4. Name my emotions.
5. Note dreams.

I ate a Live Plate from yabba yesterday, ginger beer plus a vegan cocoa brownie (I know, I know). I was saying 'Good-bye 2 sweets' for the time period. This is a fast from COOKED FOOD & SUGAR. The Live plate consisted of kale, seaweed, avocado salad, and pasta.

Today I'm not eating anything. I'll get a Live juice from Yabba, and drink Deer Park spring h20 all day. This will be my 1-day a week fast from food, 2 give my body a break from digestion.

Here R some notes I took last night @ the meeting, and Skai was excited @ the prospect of some of y'all participating in this as well, so I hope U decide 2 do so:

Naturopath Ian Noel-recommended physician
Sunsplash Healthfood store on Reisterstown & Fallstaff sells sprouts in bulk.
Spring H20 and distilled H20 is 'dead' according 2 raw foodists, so add a spritz of lemon 2 it 2 give it cells before drinking.
*Buckwheat greens R complete protein.
It's good 2 i.d. a buddy 2 touch base w/ twice a day during this fast, 4 support & encouragement.
Visit www.natrualzing.com, which is a RAW Foods colony out route 70 in MD. They sell all kinds of good stuff 4 the Raw Foods Enthusiast.
JOIN the on-line group rawsoul@yahoogroups.com, which consists of raw foodists from the MD/DC/VA area. There will be discussions about this fast there.
Enzyme Nutrition-is a recommended book about eating Live EVERYTHING, including dairy, & meat, cuz cooked food is addictive.
Visit www.rawfoodwiki.org, a website organized by one of the participants, where U can add info about raw foodism, as well.
Agave nectar is good 2 use as a sweetener in herbal teas, which is the only hot beverage we should be drinking.
Tony Robbins has a CD called "Get the Edge", where he talks about enzymes, and their effects on the system. RECOMMENDED by Baba Kauna, of Sankofa Dance Theatre.
****Tofu is NOT raw. The blocks have been formulated from the curd of COOKED soybeans.
The key 2 live kale: Add lemon, as it breaks down the enzymes which cause its stiffness, & gives the texture of sauteed kale, even though it's not.
Omega, costs $189, Jack La Lane<available on-line> costs $150, also see www.discountjuicer.com 4 good deals.
Go 2 National Wholesalers 4 a good price on a Food Processor.

Nuts R hard 2 digest raw, but if U soak them 1st 4 12-hours, the enzyme which is difficult 2 digest is released.