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31926, YabbaFast
Posted by ya Setshego, Thu Oct-27-05 08:45 PM

Please contact Skai ASAP to be a part of this fabulous, cleansing, detoxifying, rejuvenating, healing fast.


* Wednesday, Nov 16th, 7pm - The Yabba Pot - 771 Washington Blvd - FREE


All those interested in participating in this fast needs to come to find out the whats and the hows.

Bring your calendar and your questions.

Please RSVP

So far we have about 40 people interested. It would be great to get a group of about 50 all fasting together.

* Wednesday, Nov 30th, 6 pm - The Yabba Pot - 771 Washington Blvd - FREE


Raw Packets, Pick your Buddy, Weigh-in (private, of course)

Bring a Small Notebook for Journal Writing

* Friday, December 2nd, 6 pm - Location to be Announced - $8 or Bring a Dish

RAW POTLUCK - Specializing in Salads, Bring a dish or produce to make salads

* Sunday, December 4th, 7 am - Druid Hill Park - FREE

GROUP BRISK WALK (Weather Permitting)

* Tuesday, Dec 6th, 6 pm - Location to be announced - FREE

REFLECTIONS AND SMOOTHIES - Reflecting on the first seven days and making a variety of deliciuos smoothies. Bring Fruit for the smoothies. May need a few more blenders.

* Thursday, Dec 8th, 7 pm - Restaurant to be announced - $$ (10 20)

How to eat and enjoy a wonderful Raw meal while dining out in a mainstream America restaurant.....Well, let's give it a try!

* Saturday, Dec 10th, 1 pm - The Yabba Pot - 771 Washington Blvd ($10-20)

BODY WORK AND YOGA - Learn some healing movements to keep your body flexed and strong, massage therapist on site, too!

* Monday, Dec 12th, 7 pm - Location to be announce - $5 or Bring some produce

REFLECTIONS: We are half way there! Weigh-in, Joining a Co-Op, Raw Food UnCooking with Skai - The Vegan Diva! and more!

* Wednesday, Dec 14th, 6pm - The Yabba Pot - 771 Washinton Blvd - $5

LIVE ENZYMES!! Learn out to create Indoor winter sprouting garden with ADAM KANDEL

* Friday, Dec 16th, 7 pm - Location to be Announced - $5 or bring produce to juice

JUICING PARTY! - Come on yall let juice and dance the night away! Bring some produce to juice. We may need some volunteers to bring their juicers, so we can have enough! Also, bring a musical instrument resembling a drum and we can make some rhythem!

* Sunday, Dec 18th, 7 AM - Druid Hill Park - Weather Permitting - FREE


* Wednesday, Dec 21st, 6pm - The Yabba Pot - 771 Washington Blvd - $12

FAST ENDS! - Weigh in - Grand Raw Dinner @ The Yabba Pot.

Please confirm attendance for each event! Please call your Buddy everyday!



SUNDAY FAMILY BUFFET - The Yabba Pot - 3 - 7pm

Take the Family and friends out to a delicious Vegan Buffet. Best food this side of the UNIVERSE!