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Topic subjectwho says haters are just for hip hop...
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31923, who says haters are just for hip hop...
Posted by LexM, Thu Dec-08-05 02:51 PM

nah, but seriously....i hear what you're saying (plus...interesting website...everyone's got an opinion...), but i don't think that the benefits of a veggie/vegan/raw diet can be so summarily dismissed for *some*.

i think a lot of it--as allah alluded to--has to do with where you're from (originally speaking, not necessarily where you're living now).

europeans and ppl in colder, northern climates are more accustomed to eating meat and dairy.

ppl in warmer, equatorial climates eat more fruits/veggies, less dairy/meat, and more foods are just picked out of the ground/off trees and vines without a lot of alteration.

since these diets developed over eons of evolution, there's something to be said for going "back" to them if we fall out of balance.

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