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Posted by ya Setshego, Thu Dec-08-05 12:20 PM
health challenge U mentioned having in another post I BET U could be alleviated, if not eliminated, via a Live Foods diet. Raw foodism came in2 being in its modern-day popular form as a result of Dr. Anne Wigemore, treating her patients, by putting them on bland, Raw diets. The thinking 2day is, if she could heal people who were already sick w/ severe illnesses, Y not adopt a more spicy, flavorful version of the diet, 2 prevent dis-ease in the 1st place? That makes sense 2 me, and Live Foodists do not advocate the eating of tofu, btw, b/c it is NOT LIVE. Tofu is something that vegans typically eat, and @ the VegSoul retreat it was only served twice, in small portions, 2 support those who were totally unaccustomed 2 eating Raw.

>>I am quite sure man
>won't become any wiser via juicing and fasting.