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Topic subjectRE: Think before eating the tofu
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31918, RE: Think before eating the tofu
Posted by maternalbliss, Wed Dec-07-05 09:26 PM
>you need to make up your mind. incidentally how did people
>eat when fire and knives and stuff wasn't laying around?

I am not sure what prehistoric people you are refering to. So I will use the term Cavemen.
These beings did not develop tools because they did not have the intellect to create them. I do not believe my ancestors are descended from these creatures, beings or whatever you want to call them.
Adam and Eve were dumb too. While they was eating just the fruit of the garden they did not even know they were naked. What was the thing that lead to an increase in man's intellectual capacity? Beans and sprouts did not do it then and I am quite sure man won't become any wiser via juicing and fasting.