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Topic subjectRE: Perfectionism does not exist
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31914, RE: Perfectionism does not exist
Posted by maternalbliss, Wed Dec-07-05 01:30 PM
I attended one of Dr. Afrika's lectures bought one of his books and was a vegetarian for 2 years. This is simply another form of elitism. The Vegan/Raw food thing is also a religion and I don't do religion.

I do not believe any food or substance is poison. A lot of so called poisons are naturally found in the body. This is known as a symbiotic relationship. Once the so called poison reaches a level higher than what is natural for the human body you have what is known as toxicity.

I have also noticed how restrictive and dogmatic this philosophy is getting. First you had vegetarianism, then veganism, fruitarian now raw foods. This is an example of a controlling dogma the outcome desired is perfectionism. Perfectionism does not exist in this reality.