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Topic subjectSunfire Workshop -Friday Part two
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31913, Sunfire Workshop -Friday Part two
Posted by ya Setshego, Wed Dec-07-05 10:36 AM
Kwatamani's(Live Foods Activist who USED 2 B based out of the ATL, but is now is FL) blindness may B based on the bulgar in his diet, which built mucus seal around his eyes, causing blindness. On a live diet, can have live bulgar, but should b a very small percentage of your diet.

Ovulation-Day b4 ovulation, discharge bcomes like egg white. Day after, bcomes clear.
Morning sickness is toxins coming up & out, since the menstrual system is shut down 4 9 mos., after conception. Is also Y women gain 40-50 lbs. Is waste, w/ no outlet, since menstrual flow has stopped. Contractions R the body's attempt 2 push aside fat, so the baby can come out. So-called baby fat should not come until the 8th or 9th mo. & should only be 5-6 lbs. The 40-50 lbs. extra is the MOM, NOT the baby.
Athlete's foot-body defecating through the feet.
uric acid is gathered in the prostate, & corrodes & rusts the prostate. Masturbation is a way 2 pump pus out of the male's system.

+++Savory Pie+++

Sunflower seeds
Cashews(Just warning U raw cashews<as well as pistachios> R 'hella' expensive. Just bought some a couple of days ago)
Sesame seeds
Walnuts(2 cups)
Mixing bowl

Bombeii Pie Crust 4 vegetable crust:
(garlic, chives, etc. 4 seasonings)
Add mint & chives + Celtic sea salt.
Put thru homogenizer. the thicker U make crust, the longer it takes 2 homogenize.

Live foods diet, & thorough knowledge of herbs' medicinal purposes is the best way 2 prepare 4 defense against Avian Flu.

***SEE www.rawfoods.com
"It's not the food in your life that matters, but the life in the food that nourishes." -Aris LaTham