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Topic subjectSunfire Workshop 2-Friday
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31910, Sunfire Workshop 2-Friday
Posted by ya Setshego, Thu Dec-01-05 12:18 PM
11/11/05, 7:04p.m.

***AS AN ASIDE-Check out: "Natural Cures They Don't Want You To Know About", @ naturalcures.com

###Raisin Bread###

1 1/2 cup of carrots(which=1 large carrot)
1 cup of raisins
2 tsps. of cinnamon

Use Champion juicer 2 homogenize & bring everything thru easily. DON'T get the commercial Champion juicer. Mix homogenized dough & mix in bowl. Use champion 2 make ice cream, etc.

Fruitarians only eat foods which germinate, & sprout: fruits.
Menstrual flow decreases on the Live diet from 5-7 days 2 1 day, & the amt. decs. as well. Women can also fast during menstruation.
Vegetarians eat food that VEGETATES, which does not include fish, dairy & chicken.
Read books by: Havakian
Alvenia Fulton
Arnold Eritz
Hilton Ataymer?(Wrote books on Live Foods 4 50 years)
Anne Wigemore(Aris advises against buying in2 the H20 she advocates tho')


When 1 burns marijuana, 1 becomes intoxicated, b/c it's a toxic irritation 2 the brain. Releases toxin from the THC compound, the active ingredient in cannibus, ALONG W/ the medicinal properties. Get the "munchies" after smoking it b/c the brain wants 2 protect itself from burning out by postponing getting toxins off the brain, by sending the polluted blood down 2 the digestive system, making it work, & desire food 2 work ON.