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31901, Yeah
Posted by ya Setshego, Tue Nov-29-05 02:25 PM
I can dig it. I suggest Crave-less. That helps w/ Sugar Addiction. I have not used it personally, but other OKPlayers might be able 2 attest 2 its effectiveness moreso than I. Laila Afrika, who wrote Nutricide, and Afrikan Holistic Health, advocates its usage. As far as a sample menu, U need 2 get Aris' Sunfired Food chart. It's only $15. Contact him , & he'd be happy 2 hook U up w/ one. As far as pursuing a Live Diet, just go ahead & get the cheap equipment 4 now, since U R in college. That's what I did. I was in college when 1st introduced 2 Live Foodism, & I could not afford a Champion(still can't really). I made do, w/ whatever I could get from Montgomery Ward(which is no longer in business). During the warm months, I basically eat melons, and kiwi all day. And salads. LOTS AND LOTS of salads. I have no IDEA what I'm going 2 do 4 this winter. I am going 2 participate in the Yabba Fast, and basically eat @ Yabba Pot or Everlasting Life everyday for 2 weeks, then eat salads everyday for 1 week. That will get me through 21-days of being 100% Live. The owner of Yabba has converted its menu 2 50% Live, which will help. Trust, I'm @ my own level of struggle w/ this thing too. It's not easy, but I've seen w/ my OWN EYES the benefits of it. Not 2 keep harping on the sex thing, but I can't begin 2 tell U how much Sexual energy Aris La Tham exuded. Not in a Prince-I'm-trying-my-d**ndest-2-B-sexy-cuz-I-AM kind of way either. It was just....natural. And Aris is no Spring Chicken, lemme tell U. But he also does not look his age, which he TOTALLY attributes 2 raw living, and retaining his male essence through INjaculation, vs. Ejaculation. This is some heavy, heavy, information, and I'm just excited about it, and blown away by it, so I feel compelled 2 share it, is all.