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Topic subjectWell I guess I keep having "Drug Relapses"
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31900, Well I guess I keep having "Drug Relapses"
Posted by Dough RaeMii, Tue Nov-29-05 02:03 AM
Sista I appreciate your diligence as it pertains to these informational postings- I am learning so much and am encouraged by your excitement- i can feel your energy!
Please help a sista out I keep having "Drug" (harmful food) relapses
I have been vegitarian for almost 2 years (with the occasional peice of fish here and there) I have attempted to go raw once, and have attempted to make my vegetarian diet more strict numerous times but the sweet treats, fish, and occasional sprinkle of cheese keeps creeping back in. I am a full time college student and it is just so hard for me to find the time to prepare raw meals (just crunching on a carrot stick is not an option- I need FLAVOR!)that is also why it is difficult for me to avoid cooking my food- i love to sautee'! I also need info on how to plan my meals for each week, i think if i had a guided & set schedule(including breakfast,lunch,dinner,& fasting days) it would make transitioning and sticking to a raw food diet so much easier.

Note: Juciers, blenders, processors,ect. are a little expensive for me right now which makes proper raw food prep.difficult, how can i make this a more feesible way of life considering my present circumstances. I'm tired of RE-LAPSING!Na-Mean :)

Please help if you don't mind- Thank you!