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Topic subjectRE: More informed eeeeehhhhh.....
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31899, RE: More informed eeeeehhhhh.....
Posted by BlakRenaissance, Mon Nov-28-05 06:09 PM
Well my diet consist of: BULLSH@T
more detail: Fast food, chips, soda, basically a wack typical AMEIRKKKAN diet. I eat lamb meat (w/ fries) about 4 days a week (its around the corner from the crib). I say the only time i fast is on the Sabbath (not planned...usually cant make it anywere before the sunsets on Friday evening) and on the Day of Attonment. Which is quite sad because i read the Bible and even the Essenes/Gnostic gospels which talk about the benefits of fasting exstensively. That Wholistic health Hip-Hop DVD i have talked about cooked food being addictive also. He gave an example of us basically being drug addicts...examples like poppy plant(natural)extracted=heroin(drug), coca leaves(natural)extracted=cocaine(drug), sugarcane(natural)extracted=granulated sugar(drug). He also said that the sugar has the same molecular properties -1 as crack. He said "you have never seen a person fienin' for an apple or grapes(naturally sweet) but you have for little debbie(added sugar)." I was blown away......If you could get me started on something i would greatly appreciate it. I need help,lol.