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Posted by ya Setshego, Mon Nov-28-05 04:58 PM
"4 Real, 4 Real"(I guess the "Real" is so serious, he figures U have 2 say it twice), I have 2 tell U, after eating Live 4 a week, and coming home, fasting 4 3 days, then re-introducing cooked food back 2 my system I have been SICK. I mean, straight a**ed OUT. Vomitting. Diarrhea. Headaches.Cracked and bleeding skin(I have eczema). My mother was thinking that I picked up a parasite from eating avocados & bananas from the fruit stands in JM, but Art 'blew my mind' w/ the concept that after cleansing 4 a week, I probably have parasites from the COOKED foods that I started back eating. I communicated w/ my roommate from the retreat, and she's been sick also(the owner of Yabba). She is really gung-ho on raw foodism though, and I'm not exactly clear on why she is still eating cooked @ all actually, but anyway, b-4 I could even tell her what Art had said, she read 2 me from a book on raw foodism that she purchased from the Net, and the guy was breaking down how the system will not accept both ways of eating, well. Eating 70-80% live, and 20-30% cooked, is analogous 2 being a crack addict 20-30% of your waking hours, b/c cooked food is addictive, and the waste build-up that it formulates in the system causes dis-ease, & ill-health. The name of the book she was reading to me from is called something like: "Blatant Misconceptions of the Raw Food Diet".
In that ONE week, my skin cleared up, not only from the food, but also b/c I was rubbing aloe from the parking lot on my skin, bathing in th e mineral-rich sea every morning, & I had the Fire H20 massage @ the Sulphur Spring, which is basically, a Fountain of Youth. I lost weight, and had no migranes(I know being away from wrk. helped w/ that also).
I posted about this back in 2000, but I used 2 eat @ this Ital Live foods 'rastarant' in the ATL, where the owners had a 2 year old, who had NEVER had cooked food in her life. She also NEVER had so much as a COLD before. Childhood diseases that usu. afflict children, the mother told me, her children just did not have, and even when the older 1s did go 2 school, they never had ailments 2 the degree of seriousness as the other children, & she was able 2 cure the children w/ natural remedies(they were Jamaican, so they already knew the stuff that we learned @ Cranbrook Forest).

Another thing 2 consider: the equipment 4 the Live diet is not cheap, but think of the money you'll save from not having 2 go 2 the doctor, either now, or later in life. A REAL Champion juicer will run U around $400 in the south, more up north, in a health food store. There may be better deals on the Internet though. heavy duty blenders aren't cheap, either, but if U make Live Foods on a consistent basis, U will wear a run-of-the-mill blender out w/ the quickness, so U may as well make the investment in the Heavy Duty Blender, @ the front end.

If U R already vegan though, & R SERIOUS about being 100 % Raw(which I admittedly am not), I suggest going cold turkey. If U aren't even vegan yet, I suggest making a transition. Tell me where U R in your diet, and I can make a more informed suggestion.