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Topic subjectSunfire Workshop 1-Thursday Part six
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31896, Sunfire Workshop 1-Thursday Part six
Posted by ya Setshego, Mon Nov-28-05 01:27 PM
+++Seaweed Relish+++

This lasts 4 1 mo., and is good 2 use in sushi.
4 minerals from the sea, use: Dulce(is like a fine lettuce)
Nori(cut in 4 strips w/ scissors)
1 onion
2 cloves of garlic
Shredded pumpkin
Optimally, U should eat garlic & seaweed daily, 2 counteract the ElectroMagnetic radiation from the computers, that also contribute 2 global warming. Seaweed is a Neutralizer of radiation, and source of Vit. B-12.
Can add daikon radish and parsley 2 the relish as well.
If juice watermelon w/ the rind, it neutralizes the system.
Lettuce & celery are neutral and R able 2 B used w/ fruits.
Have protein & starches @ separate meals. Proteins req. a more lengthy process.
25% of protein or starch, 75% vegs. or fruits.
Tomato does not go well w/ coconut.


Use coconut milk as the base. Add 1 bunch of broccoli. 1 cup of diced bell peppers.
Peel cucumber & fresh ginger.
Scrape ginger. DON'T PEEL IT.
Use 2 tsps. of cajun spice, 1 tbs. thyme.
Can also use carrot juice base, blend w/ corn oil, celery & sprouted lentils. Add lentils after already blended.

Note: I have made these b-4, & a word 2 the wise-b prepared 4 some serious POOPING after eating these cookies. They R very good, & U can't just have 1, but they run right through U, as any TRULY healthy food should. Flax seed, like licorice, is a natural laxative.
Soak buckwheat 4 3-4 days prior 2 use.
Golden flax seed.
Whole oats. Don't use rolled oats, as they are dead.
Grind oats down.
Jack fruit.
Date dough(that U have left-over from pie crust).
Chinese 5-spice(is an excellent starter).
Get a mixing bowl.
The oats hold everything tog.
Put the 'zest' from a Persian lime, using a ZESTER, 2 scrape the rind off. Use 1 tsp.
Shred guava w/ a fine shredder.
Can use apples & avocados.
Dates serve as a great sweetener.
Are going 2 create a currant zest.
Shred guava, and add 2 mix.
Put 2/3 cup of SOAKED flaxseed in. Don't discard the H20 after soaking. DRINK IT. It has the same muciliginous properties as aloe. Can add vanilla extract & nutmeg.
Use an icecream scoop, & shape the cookies.
Dehydrate them overnight., @ no higher than 135 degrees Farenheit, in a conventional oven.

^^^Nori Rolls^^^

Snow peas
Cashew Cheese
Sea relish
Wrap nut meat up in nori paper, w/ the aforementioned ingredients w/ a sushi wrap mat.
Put snow peas & sliced of avocado, w/ shredded carrots & broccoli. Put the leaves on top.
Spread cashew cheese along edge of nori paper, 2 'glue' 2 the main body of the roll.