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31893, From the vegsoul.com website:
Posted by ya Setshego, Mon Nov-28-05 01:51 PM

"The raw food diet consists of all fresh plant food, including vegetables (green and non-starchy), starches (grains, legumes, root vegetables), all fruits, seeds and nuts, other protein including avocado, ackee, olives and coconut, seaweed and fresh herbs.

"The juicer, blender, food processor and dehydrator are the appliances used to prepare foods. The full range of dining experience is created with these four pieces of equipment.

"The main seasonings would be fresh or dried herbs, and some traditional basic seasonings like escallion, garlic, thyme and other fresh herbs are also used.

"Olive or coconut oil are used exclusively, and they must be cold pressed.

"Sea salt is used minimally or shoyu ('clean' soy sauces - without salt, chemicals or additives) are used.

"The theoretical basis of the raw food diet is that nutrients are cooked out of foods. The concept is that the sun has cooked food naturally, enough so for it to be consumed. The natural cooking process is the growing process, the time it takes food to come to maturity. Cooking food otherwise destroys its nutrients and digestive enzymes, which help to break down the different food elements. So the body has to produce its own digestive enzymes excessively over time, which challenges the immune system and breaks the whole body down after an extended period of eating cooked foods. A lot of food ends up going undigested and ailments turn up as a result of rotted, undigested foods.

"Also, the combination of foods eaten is important. Cooked starches and cooked protein should not be eaten together because they cannot digest together and the starch will end up fermenting in the system. It is very critical to separate starches from protein, even in the raw diet.

"The body goes through three phase cycles every day, eight hours each. The most critical one happens when we are sleeping, because the body is fasting breaking down and removing cells. The next eight hours is when we wake. For the morning period, we eat only fruits because they are eliminative. The day should be started off with 16 ounces of coconut water, which works as an internal shower to wash out the whole system. Between 12:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. is the building mode. Lunch should be protein-centred and dinner starch-centred. Each should be complemented with non-starchy, non-protein vegetables.

"Liquid intake consists of coconut water in the mornings and a quart of fruit juice; for lunch, a protein drink like nut milk; and for dinner one pint of vegetable juice."