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Topic subjectSunfire Workshop 1-Thursday Part five
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31890, Sunfire Workshop 1-Thursday Part five
Posted by ya Setshego, Wed Nov-23-05 11:33 AM
Parsnip, & carrots don't produce starch after juicing them. Starches settle & stick in fingertips & ankles, in lower back, knees, ankles, & wrists, which results in arthritis.Only digested starches can benefit the system. Undigested starch shows up in the body not only as calicified as arthritis, but also fat.
Extra weight is trash that one is carrying around, in one's OWN BODY! You have 2 melt it out, sweep it out, & roto-rooter it out, thru Live Foods, yoga, & exercise. You CAN Use the fat up, by fasting 4 40 days. Dr. Chelten has talked about this, & toxicemia. Don't break your fast w/ heavy foods. That seals toxins down in the system. Eat foods that rise w/ H20. In addition 2 Coconut H20, one could drink rain H20, or melted snow H20(I wouldn't personally, b/c of the acid in it, but this is what Aris SAID).
Hard minerals calcify in the arteries & joints, so should not drink "hard" H20.
Germinate seeds & nuts, 2 remove enzyme inhibitors. Sprout wheat 4 2 days. yeast ingestiion is caused by starch(e.g. bagels, donuts).
***SEE the Feasting, fasting & healing systems Food Chart.
Electromagnetic foods=seaweed & green, leafy vegs.

Get your fiber in the morning. It scrubs the system out.
The body cannot digest AND eliminate simultaneously. So you need 2 fast 4 36-hrs. EVERY WEEK, starting @ dusk, & ALWAYS break your fast in the a.m.
From 8p.-4p., you do an O2 fast.
A true, classical fast is no H20 NOR solid foods 4 40 days, and 40 nights, just like in the Bible.
Removing waste mats. from the system is best done during the 1st 8 hours of the day.
Allow 2 hrs. of digestion before going 2 sleep, so your body is resting throughout the night, and not working @ digestion, which will cause U 2 feel tired and unrested in the a.m.
Going 2 sleep on a heavy-cooked diet, causes 1 2 B tired from producing enzymes 2 digest the meal throughout the night.
Consume ALL meals before the sun goes down, each day.
Optimally, wake up 2 hrs. B-4 the sun goes up, & go 2 sleep 2 hrs. after the sun sets.

It's only been 100,000 yrs. that man has eaten cooked food, since man is 1,000,000 yrs. old, this means that Original man was Live foodist 4 900,000 yrs.! Sunfired foods was a term Aris La Tham coined in 1978. He became 100% Live in 1976. His mentors include, in addition 2 the aforementioned influences: Alvenia Fulton & Arturo Scorvinius.
Raw food capital of the world is Rio De Janeiro, in Brazil. They have the Raw Foods Project, spear-headed by Anna Barco.
Aris attended the International Vegetarian Conrgress in Italy, where he was the Keynote Speaker. This event is in Goah, India, next September.