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Topic subjectSunfire Workshop 1-Thursday Part four
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31889, Sunfire Workshop 1-Thursday Part four
Posted by ya Setshego, Mon Nov-21-05 12:32 PM

Syrup=49 gallons of sap boiled down.
Coconut H20 washes the Heart out. Is a blood purifier. Electrolytes in Coconut H20 R charged by the sun. Coconut H20 should be 1st thing U drink every morning. Once the coconut has been shaved, the H20 becomes rancid in Thai coconuts. The coconut tree is a distiller that pumps minerals out of the ocean. Converts minerals 2 organic form, that the body can use. Is better 4 those of us living in cold climates 2 purchase it frozen, rather than drinking it out of cans(which is what I was doing, b/c I knew of no other way 2 obtain it, in the U.S.)
All of your food should be 70% liquid, 2 match the composition of your body, which is 70% H20.
If eating live, can mix onions & raisins & not hold fast 2 traditional food-combining rules. (Aris has created his OWN food combining chart/food schedule, that I highly recommend. Please contact him @ aris@sunfiredfood.com 4 further info. The price of the chart is $15 U.S. It will help these notes make SO MUCH more sense.)

^^^Carrot-Raisin(or currants) Dish^^^

Apples(Granny Smith): Absorb acid, so they soak it up from other foods, & R good 2 use in combination w/ acidic foods(see Food Combining Chart 4 examples of acidic foods).
Put raisins, scallions, carrots in food processor, & use the wide feed, 2 achieve Long shreds. Can use parsley, cumin, lemon juice, 2 create a Mayonnaise-dressing 2 go w/ the dish. Fill carrots up 2 the wide feed's brim & push the carrots down.
Lime juice, w/ tahini. Coconut H20. White pepper.***DON'T use black pepper. It's like sand paper. White pepper looks like salt, but it's pepper, that's white.
Use food processor w/ the S-blade. Use sesame tahini, celtic salt & add 2 the white pepper, etc.-mixture.
Best oregano in the world=Greek oregano.
Use 1 cup of tahini(raw or organic). Use 1/2 tsp. of white peppr.
Add coconut H20 while machine is running. Use 1 tsp of Celtic salt.

Chutney: Food process mangoes 2 create the base. Sources of inspiration 2 tap in2 4 creation of Live foods(African cuisine, Italian, Chinese, Indian, etc.) Asfetida is what makes chutney "chut". Can also use Billiony Indian spice.
4 cups of diced mango, avocado, tomato.
***SIDE NOTE-Anne Wigmore is an original Live Foodist, who used the cuisine 2 heal the sick. Her recipes R bland, consequently, but Aris built on the foundation she laid, 2 create soul food versions of Live Foods, like Africans born in Am. would like.

Living H20(Coconut H20) is the breast milk of the earth. Coconuts even look like breasts, which is no accident of Nature.
Watermelon will clean U out, cut it's 99% H20. Has high electrical charge, & gives 1 a good cleanse, along w/ honeydew melon.
Melons as Cleansers aren't as effective as Coconut H20, but they DO work, as a 2nd-tier alternative. 3-tier cleanser would B pineapple.
Sweet fruits (E.g. dates, get soft & concentrated w/ sugar after being taken from the tree)
Prunes should be eaten after being re-hydrated(soaked in H20 2 add 2 electrical charge). Extract liquid from soaked prunes 2 create prune juice.
All magnetic foods growing below arm's reach & tend 2 be roots(e.g. carrots). R effected by the pull of the earth.
The sun electrifies the high-in-the-sky foods(e.g. Coconuts)
W/in modern-times, a man lived 2 B 256 years old, from China. He never ate any root vegetables, cuz they "pull 1 down 2 the grave". E.g. starches: rice, rye, & millet
soybeans, lentils, & peanuts R only 30% starch.