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Posted by ya Setshego, Wed Dec-07-05 11:54 AM
Well, I'm sorry U won't b taking HipHop Bellydance on a regular basis. I'm going this week. I really LOVED the classes in Jamaica. It's my thing. I kind of dance w/ my hips anyhow, naturally. Plus, I just think I look cute in those waist skirts, and I like the way they sound(cling-clang-cling), when I move. LOL! It's very feminine, and I'm not girly-girl about most things('cept 4 Barbies, of course) but THIS, I loved. U know, Dr. Amen stated that when she was pregnant w/ her daughter, and went in2 labor, she danced. The movements of belly dance massage the reproductive organs, and she says it assisted w/ the labor pains, and helped draw blood to the womb region, waking everything up, so that organs that needed 2 work 2 get the baby out, went on duty, and organs that were in the way moved aside. She says that the movements R designed 2 simulate s*x, as well as childbirth, b/c if done CORRECTLY, they R both the same movements. That sold me right there. I MUST take these classes.