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31886, thankfully
Posted by LexM, Tue Dec-06-05 10:32 AM
i don't tend to gain weight around my midsection. i'm more likely to gain in the "love handle" area and upper thigh/hip/bottom areas first. i've never had what you'd call a "gut".

hopefully when i do this fast from 12/19-12/23 i'll lose an inch or so. but my goal is really to feel "lighter"/detox vs. losing weight.

i'm also hoping to buy a bike sometime between now & the spring. and my best friend wants me to tag along to the gym w/ her here and there. yoga is really helping with tone/strength.

i'm getting there. :)

but i can tell u from my experience: if you're moving what you're supposed to be moving to do all that stuff, your core muscles will have no choice but to strengthen/tone. lol.