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Topic subjectIs your stomach
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31885, Is your stomach
Posted by ya Setshego, Mon Dec-05-05 05:00 PM
flat already? I think if a Sistah's stomach is flat, that makes her beautiful. Not 2 say we gut-havin' ones AREN'T, but I just think flat stomachs enhance our shapes, and accentuate our hips, etc. Speaking of hips, Dr. Amen's belly-dance troupe did a demonstration @ MamaSita on Saturday, for the WPFW fund-raiser. I'm gonna have 2 take that class. It was quite amusing 2 observe the men's reaction 2 the dance. One old guy, who was leaving w/ my mother's friend yelled out, "Awwwwwww SHUCKS! Soukie, soukie, now! What a time for us to be LEAVING!" LOL! It was funny. Really, I want 2 do hip hop bellydance on Fridays, and Bellydance on Saturdays. If that doesn't help w/ my gut & thighs, then I just s'pose there's no hope. *shaking head*