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Topic subjectjust kidding
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31884, just kidding
Posted by LexM, Mon Dec-05-05 03:25 PM
i always say something like that when i talk about going down to dc...

i actually went to the class last friday. it's interesting. i kind of suck @ coreographed dancing (lol), but probably just because i'm not used to it. also, the studio is in the midst of some renovations, so that was a little distracting.

i got a workout, tho. my tummy started to ache a little not long after i got home. ha. i cheated & took an aleve before bed. otherwise i know i wouldn't have been able to move sat morning.

it's too much of a hassle to do weekly (location & all), but i am considering taking up african dance classes here in the city. i want something to supplement the yoga, i don't have a bike yet, and i pretty much *hate* the gym.