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Topic subjectSunfire Workshop 1-Thursday Part three
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31877, Sunfire Workshop 1-Thursday Part three
Posted by ya Setshego, Sun Nov-20-05 12:48 PM
Use fresh, green thyme 4 the Nut meat. & pull leaves off w/ your fingers. Pull roots of scallions & slice w/ a sharp chef's knife. W/ Raw Foods, U want fine textures.
Herbs 2 use: marjoram, Sage, oregano tarragon, dill, & basil.
add scallion 2 dish, + at LEAST 1 herb.
Use 2 dozen of basil & chop fine, w/ 2 tsps. of pressed garlic(from 3 cloves).
Put basil in w/ cashew cheese. Put 1 spice in (seeds, e.g. Nutmeg; Mace is the fruit). Roots 2 use: pimento.
Put in 2 tsps. of jerk.
Put 1 cup of celery in food processor(which is 2 stalks of celery) Cut down sm. carrots.
Use celtic sea salt.
Other ideas 4 add-ins: tomatoes, cucumbers, spinach, snow peas, broccoli.
Grind peppers, carrots, etc.& Press off-&-on, like 5-6X. Grind down until carrots R ground. Add 2 almond, walnut meat. ***SIDE NOTE-Peanuts R really peas, & belong in the legume family.

@@@Cashew Cheese@@@
Add 1 tsp. of Italian seasoning, & lime juice (squeezed fresh from a Persian lime). Add 1/4 cup of lime, or a whole lemon. Use nama shoyu(unpasteurized soy sauce), 2 add 2 cashew cheese. Add pineapple juice.

<Filler 4 Pie>

Frozen strawberries
Grind strawberries w/ S-jam. Always make more than needed @ 1X.
Dates serve as sweetener, binder.
Put 2 cups dates & 2 cups strawberries in food processor.
If concoction slides off spoon, need more dates, & won't hold all the layers tog.
Don't squeeze the papaya. Lift strings, veins & seeds out. Don't put fingertips in2 papaya while peeling it. ***SIDE NOTE: Eat papaya everyday, so that the papain enzyme could break down fat in decayed foods in the body. This promotes defecation.
A no-starch diet is a great way 2 lose weight. Use casgara sagrada & senna 2 cleanse.

Balsamic vinegar can be used, when can't do lime juice.
Use advocado 4 fat, or coconut cream.
Cold-pressed coconut oil has still been heated. STAY AWAY FROM CANNED FOODS!
Use nama shoyu 4 sodium, herbs, spices, make sure you achieve moisture w/ this mixture.
Green, leafy vegs. make the foundation of the salad(e.g. spinach, chard, kale, callaloo, bok choy, cabbage).
Put in some tomatoes & carrots.
Add fruit flavor, that is compatible according 2 food-combining rules w/ vegs. (e.g. pineapple, apple, papaya). Gives the salad a 'spark', along w/ capers, olives, & seaweed.

***SIDE NOTE(I know, I know, he was all over the place w/ this lecture, + I was tired, and falling asleep from jet lag, but bear w/ us, please) The KEY 2 a successful fast is in drinking LOTS OF FLUID. Toxins that stagnate in the brain cause headache. Good eating is the key 2 bringing our communities tog. Women should use GINSENG 2 stimulate the brain cells. THE ONLY places in the U.S. where 1 can obtain the TRUE, & POTENT Gingseng, R in Chinatown. DON'T believe the myth that Ginseng is just 4 men, 4 virility. The most powerful Chinese women in this world all know that is a lie, & use ginseng on a regular basis, 4 vitality, clarity & strength. The PREMIER location in the U.S., 2 obtain PURE, UNADULTERATED, STRAIGHT-FROM-CHINA Ginseng is in San Francisco, from Mama Liu's. Get slices of ginseng, & suck on it(just like Mama Liu does). Ginseng is a Superior Herb.
Fast 4 no more than 3 days @ a time. Fast 1 day, out of every week, 2 give your body a break from digestion, so it can cleanse, & repair & build cells. That's at least 52 days/ year that you would be cleansing, instead of polluting your body. Fast on the 21st-24th of each equinox & solstice.
Fast on Mountain Spring H20, if can't get Coconut H20(which in its natural state, is already Live, & Activated. Activate Spring H20 w/ Lime. The body can prod. it's own B-12, so it is untrue that one cannot be a vegetarian w/o having B-12 deficiency. The body needs 2 be clean internally 2 facilitate this production though, & Raw foods is a way 2 guarantee the body shall remain clean, creating a low-toxicity environment, in which B-12 self-manufacturing can occur.
Life 4 us in the 21st century should include Yoga, & Conscious(deep) Breathing.

***NOTE: Aris La Tham named Victoria Scovinkus as one of his inspirations 2 pursue Raw Foodism. Dick Gregory, and his famed, beloved book: Cookin' W/ Mother Nature was another influence to whom he referred pretty much during each of his lectures. BTW, his daughter, Ayanna Gregory, was on the retreat, w/ her background singer, Yvette, & they gave us a mini-concert on the last night, during the Royal Feast, & sang a song specifically written 4 the retreat. Had everyone in tears, I'll tell U. She TRULY embodies the meaning of her name: BEAUTIFUL FLOWER. If U don't have her 1st CD, of that name, U missed out on a SERIOUS treat.

Bad breath is decayed food in body.
Sweating, swimming, & walking R all good ways 2 loosen up the starch stagnated in the body, & 2 eliminate impurities from the system.

-Food groups-

Anything w/ a seed in it is a fruit, e.g. cucumber, zucchini, & eggplant.
The higher a food is, the more electrical it is, & more cleansing. Coconuts R the most electrically charged foods available 2 humans, therefore, the most cleansing.