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Topic subjectRE: Pie filling (cont'd.)
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31868, RE: Pie filling (cont'd.)
Posted by ya Setshego, Mon Nov-28-05 02:05 PM
Peel papaya.
Pecans, sunflower seeds, pistachios. Put mushy & broken papayas @ the bottom. Put jam on top as next layer, & press DOWN & IN, w/ a spatula. Fill holes in as go along.
Raise edge slightly.
Next layer-Fan in opposite direction, of 1st layer.
Pineapple-Jack fruit
Shred apples up 7 put in middle, or kiwi.
Use what U've got & move 4ward w/ recipe, regardless of if U R missing a few ingredients.
****NOTE: Try 2 get your hands on the 7/05 Essence. Aris, & DC-based Raw foodist Lynda Carter R featured in the foods section.
Also check 4 the Oxford Encyclopedia of Food and Drin in Am. (2004 Edition), which also mentions Aris in the Vegetarianism U.S. Raw Food movement section. It also talks about Dr. Wigmore.
Aris used 2 have a store on 125th & Lenox in Harlem in 1978, called Savannah & Spice, where he gave birth 2 Sunfired Cuisine, helping 2 introduce Live Foods 2 the African Am. community.
Check out: rawsoul@yahoogroups.com 2 see how the A.A. Live foods community has evolved since that time.
Aris is 58, born in 1947, and has been vegan since 1970, 100% Live since '76.