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Topic subjectSunfire Workshop 1-Thursday Part two
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31866, Sunfire Workshop 1-Thursday Part two
Posted by ya Setshego, Fri Nov-18-05 01:46 PM
Will fill crust w/ fresh, raw filling.
Taste milk. It's fully prepared. Passion fruit/coconut milk combo. takes it 2 another level. Can do guava, peach, strawberry, nectarine. There R unlimited options.
Take blender & put 4 ous. of milk thru top of plastic hole in blender.
Can use jaka(Jack Fruit). Put 2 cups of jaka in blender. Use cane juice as sweetener. Start hi-tech blender @ low 4 1 min., then graduate to hi. Date juice is a 2nd-alternative as a sweetener. Add nutmeg & vanilla 2 give it "kick", & soaked cashews 4 protein, which takes it 2 a heavy cream.
***Eat mangos 4 natural laxative(as an aside), until stool consist of mangoes, then you'll know that your system is clean.
Indigestion: is the main prob. w/ adults due 2 an abused, faulty digestive system.
Almonds + 4 cups raw cashews(soak pieces 4 12hrs.)
1 1/2 cup ground walnuts
Red bell peppers(diced)
1 cup of scallions(sliced thinly), add 2 cashew cheese.
Green POWER or Champion juicer can homogenize meat OR S-Blade of a food processor.