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Topic subjectSunfire Workshop 1-Thursday Part one.
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31865, Sunfire Workshop 1-Thursday Part one.
Posted by ya Setshego, Thu Nov-17-05 06:34 PM

Cut coconuts into small pieces 4 blender. 4 cups of coconuts. Can use almonds or pumpkin seeds 2. Pistachios not advised. Use 2:1 ratio of H20 2 nuts. Add 2 blender & blend 2 2 compresses. Press pulp out & reintroduce 2 blender. H20 is liquid 1st get out coconut.

Live Pie Crust-
1 cup of dry walnuts. Soak in open container 4 12-hrs.
Use 1 cup of 1/2 of walnuts & 1 1/2 cup of almonds.
Use 5 Medjool dates(or 10 Glut dates) in food processor, 1/4 cup of coconut H20 & cinnamon. Turn food processor on, & add H20 thru top. Use 5 ou. of coconut H20 total. Use press cloth. Take date paste out of food processor & mix w/ nuts.
Take liquid in blender & put in press cloth. Put pulp back in heavy-duty blender. Use 2 sheets of paper 2 pull out pie crust. Put pressed coconut milk in2 big bowl.
Use wax paper. w/dough use 1 pound of dough 4 a 9" pie dish.
Stop blender, & put mixture back in cloth.
Put pie dish on dough, & cut around 2 create pie crust.
Coat dish w/ sm. amt. of olive oil(expeller pressed) b/4 droppping crust slowly on the dish. use palm of 1 hand, & index finger of other hand 2 shape crust. Cover entire lip of dish.
Put coconut H20 in big bowl w/ other H20. No need 2 sweeten coconut H20.
Build crust up where it is a lil' thin w/ left-over crust. use convection oven 2 drop down 2 a dehydrator temp. Set it 2 120-180 degrees, depending on how LIVE U want your pie 2 B. The more live, the less enzyme destruction you'll have.
Dehydrate 4 1-hr.