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Topic subjectSexual Tai Chi
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31864, Sexual Tai Chi
Posted by ya Setshego, Thu Nov-17-05 06:16 PM
was on Saturday, indeed. The Coconut H20 fasting day. We were all struggling b/c we had hiked @ Cranbrook Flower Forest (3 mis) in mud, and sludge. By the time we attended the Sexual Tai chi, we were "beat". I learned a lot about myself during that hike though. There were elders on the hike, the oldest was 80-years young. The Brothahs helped the elders, and Sistahs helped each other w/ the children (tying them to each other's back when it was nap-time, or they had just straight reached exhaustion). we were a Village. Literally. Even the tour guide helped out w/ the children, carrying the oldest one (3-years) on his shoulders on the way back. I wanted to give up SEVERAL times during the hike...it was hot as f***, we had just finished a challenging yoga class in the sun, mosquitoes were eating the h*** out of us, we were UM.....FASTING, so we needed 2 b resting, & close to a bathroom, so we had 2 just squat, behind a tree, or bamboo patch. If some Brothah saw your booty, oh well? If U had 2 go, U had 2 go. Period. The Village would not let me give up, and when I slipped, and was about 2 fall, a Brothah was RIGHT there 2 catch me, LITERALLY(same thing occurred during the walk 2 the Fire H20 in the the local village, which involved descending a couple of steep hills). That left me encouraged.

>>for us who couldnt make it. All of the things u mentioned
>(sex-chi workshops) were they on Saturday?
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