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Topic subjectSexual Tai Chi 2
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31862, Sexual Tai Chi 2
Posted by ya Setshego, Thu Nov-17-05 11:39 AM
6. Dakini Yoni-part 2-movement of the sections of the Yoni-Explained previously.
7. Combining Qi Nu & Dakini Yoni
8. Horse stance on Kidney 1 for Kidneys for Spleen, Liver,Gall Bladder and Bladder
9. Dakini Ovary warming and clearing massage-Push out after massaging ovaries 9x, by lightly brushing hands along legs, and over inguinal canal(creases @ hips, & top of legs). Note-ovulation occurs in 1 ovary, or the other, per month, NOT both. When massaging the ovaries, lie in the Bhagasana position(face up, soles of feet tog., w/ legs shaped like a diamond). This helps relieve issues in the inguinal canal(e.g. pain from wearing stockings, and tight pants) and also stress in the yoni realm. Bhag=yoni, in ancient Tibetan language.
10. Lioness Qi Qong for a strong heart-When looking through the 3rd eye, look @ things needing 2 B accomplished, removal of obstacles, inhale, and on exhale, stick tongue out, and roar like a Lioness.
11. Meditation technique: Placing the mind in the Yoni-The yoni includes the feminine essence, the female reproductive system, including the vagina, AND uterus. It is imp. 2 work out issues w/ your Man B4 SEX B/C one can damage another psychically, by having sex while feeling -Energy towards one's mate.
Sexual Tai Chi helps prevent incontinence later in life, & strengthens muscles that cause one 2 have 2 go 2 the bathroom frequently.

Sexual orgasms bring blood 2 the genital area, which keeps the yoni alive, and assists w/ childbirth.

12p.-3p. is the time period when ones Chi is strongest, to conceive, children as well as ideas. whatever thoughts one has during intimacy between these hours will come 2 pass. This is the equivalent 2 running around the block 2-3 times, in terms of Energy Level reached. Sex is not just for creating children, but for generating ideas, and creating strategies 2 achieve one's goals, by vibrating @ a higher Energy Level via Synergy w/ another.

Testicles R reflexive 2 all the organs of the body, which is why they R so sensitive.

The Pineal & adrenal glands correspond 2 the tip of the penis. The center of the head corresponds 2 the Heart. The ridges(Or brim of the hat-part of the head) of the Penis, correspond 2 the Lungs, which is why they resemble Lungs(according 2 Dr. Amen, anyway. I have 2 look again someday, 2 see if I can imagine this alleged resemblance 2 lungs myself).

Tip of penis is overstimulated via circumcision, so the penis is out-of-sync w/ the Yoni, b/c it has been forced 2 toughen up, like the skin on the arm, and other parts of the body that typically rub up against clothing. The tip of the penis embryologically corresponds 2 the clitoris, and should be protected via the foreskin, which should hold it, like a purse, or pouch. The tip is supposed 2 B sensitive, w/ a feminine aspect 2 it, that melds w/ the Yoni, upon Entry into its realm.

Circumcision is a blood-letting, to mimic the women's menstrual cycle. The original Jews cut a very small amount of skin off the male, until a Rabbi said he could not tell the Jews from the Gentiles, and insisted that more fore-skin be taken off, which inadvertantly killed his own people, b/c it was this very distinction that was used to differentiate the jews from the gentiles in order 2 send the Jews 2 gas-chambers during WWII.

Go 2 www.alyahs.com 4 moon pads, & organic cleaning products 4 the menstrual cycle.

Dr. Amen offers a womb women workshop approximately 1-3X a year, 2 help dispel myths & misconceptions women hold about our wombs, and menstruation.

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