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31858, Sexual Tai Chi 1
Posted by ya Setshego, Tue Nov-15-05 05:05 PM
Recommended readings:

The Sexual Teachings of the White Tigress: Secrets of the Female Taoist Masters-Hsi Lai
from www.taoofbooks.com
Body Bazaar-?
from www.bocirc.org
Book of the Penis-?
Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Sex-
(is a yellow book)
Cultivating Female Sexual Energy-Mantak Chia
Tao of Sex-?
Tao of Love & Sex-?
Sexual Secrets: The Alchemy of Ecstasy-Nik Douglas & Penny Singler
Dress To Kill-Mr. & Mrs. Sydney Singer (shows correlation bet. wearing a bra, & breast cancer)
Intro. to Sexual Tai Chi Exercises
w/ Dr. Sunyatta Amen

Women's exercises

1. Kidney warming-Tai Chi massage:
The kidneys house fear, so this exercise entails warming the hands by rubbing them together, while focusing through the Third Eye on banishing all fear from any area of your life. After warming the hands, sit on the edge of the bed each morning, w/ the back straight, legs shoulder width apart, and the yoni(vagina) hanging just off the edge. Rub hands over lower back area(where the kidneys are housed), inwards, in circular motions. count 81 rubs. Start your day, invigorated w/ +Energy. Eliminate caffenated drinks and stress from your Life, as this depletes the adrenal glands, which sit atop the kidneys, as well as the kidneys, themselves. Drink 3/4 gallon of H20 a day, or 2.5 Liters. Belly-dancing massages the kidneys, along w/ other organs. Yin-Energy is ALL about H20. While doing belly-dancing, DON'T wear a bra, or wear something that the Twins just sit in. Breasts on the average weigh about 30 pounds, and it is misinformation that women w/ large breasts have back pain b/c of the size. It's b/c of the bra that is used to harness the breasts in, holding them against gravity. That pressure is spread out across the back, resulting in pain. Lower back pain tends to be Kidney problems.
2. Beautiful Mountain Yin-Uplifting and Firming w/ Breasts-Breast feed until child is 3years of age, b/c it decs. the mom's chance of getting breast & cervical cancer, in addition to the many health benefits for the child. Don't touch the nipples during sexual tai chi. The nipples are connected to the womb via hormonal release. The nipples, once stimualated start breast feeding, whether one has had a baby, or not. The uterus is tugged upwards during breast-feeding right after child birth, to aid in pulling the uterus back into shape.
If the breasts are sore during one's pd., take off the bra, b/c it's constricting to the breast during a time when the breast is most "juicy". The bra is the last vestige of the corset, historically.

3. Dakini Ovarian Breathing w/ Tongue placemt-Involves laying on the back, w/ your feet touching @ the soles, and your legs facing outward, creating a diamond-shape. Make a triangle w/ your fore-finger, and thumbs, and place the triangle upside down on your lower belly, about 1 " below the navel. Rub ovaries, which are located approximately @ the base corners of that triangle, by rotating the hands & fingers towards each other w/ a gentle rotating motion, 81 times. Afterwards, brush hands away from self, down thighs and creases in legs @ hips(inguinal canal), to push Energy down lymph nodes, and out the body(kind of like brushing lint off your pants).
4. Qi Mu-Toning the stomach muscles & Internal Organ massage-Yoni is Sanskrit for Sacred Space. In ancient cultures, it was believed that the vagina was a Sacred Entry portal to heaven. Lingum(the penis) is Sanskrit for Rod of Thunder.
The upper, middle, and lower abdominals should be strengthened while gently but firmly pushing the roof of the tongue against the back, middle, and front of the tongue respectively, while inhaling during the contraction, and exhaling during the muscle release. The tongue being pressed against the roof of the mouth is analogous to a plug going into a socket to turn on electricity in the body. It closes and completes an Energy circuit. On another note, if one lays on the right side, and pulls the belly in an out using the abs. w/in 10 mins. one will defecate. Is a great exercise to employ during constipation.
If lay on the left side of stomach, can relieve nausea, while exercising Conscious Breathing.
5. The Dakini Yoni(Vaginal Kung Fu)-Tightening, Toning & controlling the Yoni muscles-Like the abdominals, the yoni has three sections, and the tightening and releasing of the three sections should be done in conjunction with the abdominal muscles, and the tongue connected @ its related points. If you have not tried this before, and can't figure the lower, middle, and upper muscles of the yoni, just tighten everything all at once, inhale, count to nine, and exhale. As the muscles strengthen a bit, you should be able to differentiate bet. the three sections. These muscles are to be used during sexual intercourse to massage your partner's Lingum, at various organ pressure points, depending on what ailments he has, and also during childbirth. One has to strengthen them first though, and gain control over them. Another exercise is to squat over the toilet, every-other-time you go to urinate, and stop your urine, mid-stream. Some may know these exercises as Kegel exercises, but they are ancient practices, known in Kmt, and Asian culture, that far pre-date, and are more profound than what Kegel advocated. Squat everyday as a woman, when picking up objects, lifting, when defecating. Squatting is the position a woman should be in when she gives birth, but even a woman who is not looking to have birth in the future should exercise the muscles associated w/ these positions, to heighten the Feminine Essence, and awaken the Femininine Divine in Self. Specifically, when defecating, put one's feet on the edge of the toilet, or on a stool(like an Ashanti stool) in front of the toilet, to align the colon during elimination, creating long, solid stool, instead of broken pieces(which is unnatural).