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Topic subjectOn travelling w/ s.o.s
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31856, On travelling w/ s.o.s
Posted by ya Setshego, Wed Nov-23-05 01:42 PM
I HIGHLY recommend attending this retreat w/ your s.o., b/c between the Sexual Tai Chi class, the belly dancing, the live food, bathing in a natural hot tub(the mineral spring), and getting a mud bath, the sexual Energy 'in the air' is REAL high. Plus, it's hot as h***, which makes U not want 2 wear a lot of clothes ANYway. It was very much like what I would imagine a Bacchic feast 2 B, minus the wine. The "wine" was the yoni, & Coconut H20, which makes U high, but not in an intoxicated kind of way. The women w/o partners there (which was most of us) kept commenting on how helpful(4 lack of a better word) it would have been 2 have a partner present 2 practice the tai chi on. LOL! The irony of all of this was, the married couples' wives did not attend Sexual Tai Chi! I don't know WHAT they were thinking about. They REALLY missed out on a golden opportunity. Even Dr. Amen said after demonstrating all of the exercises: "Wow! I'm feeling hot now! Where's my husband?" LOL!

>>I was thinking about
>maybe going after me and my fiance have our wedding feast.