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Topic subjectSimply amazing.
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31853, Simply amazing.
Posted by ya Setshego, Thu Nov-10-05 11:05 AM
It's amazing down here. I'm sorry I have not been able 2 come earlier. My feet hurt from the 5a.m. nature walk this morning, which was seriously, uphill, BOTH WAYS. SERIOUSLY. Qi Gong was peace. lovin' this salt water Caribbean sea. 'Bout 2 go get in the pool. Live breakfast consisted of:
Jack Fruit, orange slice, papaya, pineapple, Coconut jelly, coconut H20, Spring H20, Noni(yucky, but very good 4 U), & raw Cane Juice. This Jamaica sun has apparently turned Aris La Tham's locs blondish grey, which is an interesting look. The Baltimore-folk had a twelve hour flight delay(F***in' Air Jamaica), so we arrived JUST as the nature walk was about 2 begin, and did it(bad idea). Tomm. I'm skipping out on that part, and joining in when it's time 4 the massage w/ live spring H20(Fire Water), in a local village.

The people R really friendly(cept 4 the customs people in the airport). The resort is located in an affluent Black neighborhood, so the homes look like hotels in and of themselves. Reminds me of some parts of Nairobi.

*I'm out*