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Posted by ya Setshego, Fri Oct-07-05 04:49 PM
tryna go this time though. Dr. Sunyatta Amen is one BAAAAAAAAAAD Sistah. She has a holistic health radio show on Pacifica Radio(wpfw) on Thurs. @ 3p.m., called 'Bush Medicine'. Almost had me burning my bras for good, when she did the show on the science behind the health hazards(consequences) of wearing one, but "The Twins" said no, lest the pain we'll cause you during running and dancing ALONE, but I digress... And Aris La Tham is who the one originally inspired me to explore Live Foods Cuisine. I took one of his un-cooking classes for my b-day one year. I went home that summer, and made everything I learned in the class, and gave out samples to fam & friends in the neighborhood. Didn't win any fans, lemme tell you. LOL! But the way HE makes the food, is to die for. He used to have several live-foods delis in D.C. in the 90s, b-4 he relocated to Jamaica. They were expensive as h***, but worth every penny. He is the foremost live-foods chef in the world. Right now, he's in Europe, but he'll be back in Jamaica in time for the retreat.